According to the Surry County Register of Free Negroes:

#862.  Virginia Surry County sct,
THOMAS alias THOMAS FRANCIS son of Henry and Polly Francis free negroe, was born free as appears by the Certificate of William Thompson, is of a mulattoe Complexion, has no marks or scars, aged 21 years and upwards and is 5'6 1/4" high.  The said Thomas alias Thomas Francis is registered of the above description in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Surry this 24th day of March 1845.  Teste Wm. P. Underwood
In the Washington, DC 1850 census (4th District), Thomas Francis and his wife Mary I. Conner are living as boarders with the Diggs family of Maryland.  Twenty-three year old Thomas was a waiter and Mary was a stay at home wife at age 13.

In the Washington, DC 1860 census (1st District), Thomas and his family were listed as:

Thomas Francis - 38 year old Mulatto barkeep born in Virginia, who could not read or write
Mary Francis - 24 year old Mulatto born in DC, who was able to read and write
William Francis - 6 year old Mulatto born in DC
Julia Francis -4 year old Mulatto born in DC
Lewis Francis - 1 year old Mulatto born in DC
Sarah Banes - 54 year old Mulatto cook born in Virginia, who could not read or write
Thomas Francis no longer appears in the the census or other records.  We believe that he died between 1860 and 1870.  

In the 1870 Washington, DC census, Mary was listed as a widow.  There are only three of her children (William - 14, Julia - 13, and Samuel - 5) listed in the household with her.  Lewis is not listed in any further census, so we have taken for granted he also died between 1860 and 1870.  William was working as a waiter at the same restaurant as his uncle, Richard Francis.  The head of household was Sylvia Thomson (age 50, born in Virginia).  This house was only a few doors away from the home of Elias Francis.
Mary remarried between 1870 and 1880.  In the 1880 Washington, DC census, Mary's new husband, Albert Lipscomb, was a waiter.  The family lived at 2212 E St. NW.  There were four children listed as the children of Albert and Mary.  However, William, Julia, and Samuel were the biological children of Thomas.  The fourth child listed, is Eunice, born in 1874 in Washington, DC.  Because there is no last name provided for Eunice, it is unclear if she is actually the daughter of Albert and Mary or a grandchild.  
In 1889, William H. Francis married Emma, born November 1863 in DC. 

There is no census for 1890 because of a fire in the building the census records were housed.  

The next census record was in 1900.  According to the record, Mary was born July 1837, age 62, and is a widow born in DC.  Her parents were born in Virginia.  She states that she has given birth to five children but only one is surviving, which explains why William Francis is the only of her children found in future census records.  She is renting her home and provides for her household as a dress maker.  The only other person in the household is Eunice Francis, listed as the grandaughter of Mary Francis.  She was born July 1874 in Washington, DC.  Eunice was also a dress maker. 

William H. Francis and his family were living at 2214 Virginia Ave.  He was renting the house and working as a waiter.  He stated he was born in February 1854 and had been married for 11 years.  Emma was working as a dressmaker.  She stated she had given birth to two children and only one was surviving.  However, there were two children listed, Florence (born in DC August 1896) and George (born in DC May 1899).  George only lived a short time.  Emma's sister and children were living there as well.
In the 1910 DC census, Eunice is not listed.  It is possible she married and/or moved out of the DC area.  The widow, Mary (Conner) Francis, was no longer found in the census.  We believe she died some time between 1900 and 1910.

William H. Francis appears in the census for the last time in 1910.  He and his family were still living at 2214 Virginia Ave. NW.  He was still working as a waiter in a cafe and Emma continued to work as a dressmaker.  Their daughter, Florence, was also in the household.

3. William H. Francis (Feb 1854 - ?)                  
    m. Emma ? (Nov 1863 DC - ?) married in DC circ 1889

                         4.  Florence Francis (Aug 1897 DC - ?)

                              m. Austin J. TURNER (1897 DC - ?)

                                     5.  Florence TURNER (1923 DC - 1993 DC)
                                     5.  Austin TURNER (1926 DC - 1984 DC)
                                         m. Florence HILL (1921 DC - ?)
                                                   6. Michelle
                                                   6. Denecia TURNER (1957 -2007)

                                     5.  Nancy TURNER (1928 DC - ?)